Amplifying Ocean Acidification

Amplifying Ocean Acidification

As part of a research exercise we were asked to amplify our topic and think about false mythology. Here’s what I came up with (along with my partner):

So there would be no coral reefs
So there would be no plankton
No whales
No whale watching
No Finding Nemo

So we would have an empty ocean
But would there be any life? Life always finds a way
What would this new life form(s) be?

We all have some cognitive awareness of the consequences of polluting our skies, how do we bring this some awareness to the seas?

One billion people rely on sea creatures as their primary source of protein. If our oceans are empty would they starve?
Would this just lead to wars to claim one billion people’s resources?
If fishing began that rare, would pirates hijack fishing boats instead of luxury yachts?

What color is a dead ocean?
There would be no such thing as ocean blue.
Crayola would need to change all their ocean blue crayons.

What if there was one fish left in the world?
Would people place it in a beautiful box to display?
Would they worship it?
Would there be fish cults?

What if afters years of chemically altering the oceans, the fish have their revenge on us?