Bodies in Motion: 1st assignment

Bodies in Motion: 1st assignment

My poem


Square it away. Boxes, drawers, cabinets.

It must be closed, closed, closed. Automated.

A beehive. A turret shuttered. In no

way closed “at tires” but forever. Dungeon,

box, cloister. But God, who’s dour, not anal,

has closed it for hoe’s graver keeps, burrows,

drawers. “Ought” shut by door. Virtue inhabits

Ka’aba turf – or not – keeps in the cells the

inmate and a neighbor. Hassles are run?

It’s said no jungle rose berths the unknown.

Here is my collection of thoughts:














Here I organized them into a mind map:














Here is my mood board:

Bodies in Motion












Here are some screenshots from my game:



Some gifs of the interactions:




The first gif is a trigger volume which turns on a point light, the second is a trigger volume that changes the values of the the sun and the fog of the atmosphere, and the third is a trigger volume that turns on a particle system.