Google Search for Poetry

Google Search for Poetry

If you have ever googled for something before, you have probably noticed the auto complete for almost anything you type in. I don’t know the exact nature of Google’s algorithms, but at the very least, it’s safe to assume that someone out there actually googled those completed phrases. After finding an API for this very feature, it seemed so obvious to me that this could be generative text.

I worked with different phrases and wrote the program so you may add as many phrases as you like, even of varying lengths. Here is one of my favorites that I created:

Life, Dreams, and Death

Life is, life is beautiful, life is strange, life is good, life is a highway, life is feudal, life is a highway, life’s a dream, life is short quotes, life is feudal wiki, life is beautiful quotes, life is good quotes, life is beautiful, life is strange review, life is like a garden, life is like a box of chocolates, life is strange ps4, life is like a camera, life is strange release date, life is but a dream

Dreams are, dreams are made of, dreams are colder than death, dreams are my reality, dreams are real, dreams are made of, dreams are the royal road to the unconscious, dreams are made of these, dreams are illegal in the ghetto, dreams are reality, dreams are produced by excess hormones, dreams are parallel universes, dreams are your subconscious thoughts, dreams are for those who sleep, dreams are made for two, dreams are the touchstones of our character, dreams are subconscious, dreams are weird, dreams are like stars quote, dreams are for rookies

Death is, death is nothing at all, death is not the end, death is just around the corner, death is the road to awe, death is inevitable, death is only the beginning, death is the mother of beauty, death is my bff, death is an illusion, death is swallowed up in victory, death is the solution to all problems, death is not the end, death is not the greatest loss in life, death is scary, death is certain, death is a star book, death is a lonely business, death is imminent