otHELLO_WORLD: Plan of Action

otHELLO_WORLD: Plan of Action



Here is the link to the Bill of Materials.

Code for screen prototype: https://github.com/katsully/Othello


Nov 10th – Nov 17th: Get a 3×3 board with hall effect sensors, magnets, and LEDs working. Test with users for overall feel.

Nov 17th – Nov 29th: Get full board working with hall effect sensors, magnets and LEDs. Play test, using the already built screen prototype as confirmation it is working correctly.

Nov 29th – Dec 8th: Build box for underneath Othello board and incorporate robot arm

Plan B is to have the appropriate square light up and I will act as proxy.



This will be fairly easy to QA. I simply need to explain to the user how to play the game, and then let them play with the board without any instruction.