Principles of Design

Principles of Design

The design that I chose to analyze comes from the Boston Ballet’s website. I chose this piece because I find it visually striking and I’m a dancer who recently moved from Boston. Here is the homepage:



I created color swatches to highlight the various color palettes. On one side I selected the colors used in right hand menu, and on the other side I selected some colors used to make up the main image’s background.



I think the hierarchy of a graphic design piece can be somewhat subjective, so I draw arrows to indicate where my eyes landed first, second, and third. The red arrow indicates the first spot, the green the second, and the purple the third.


The font is called Futura Std, and this site used Futura Light and Futura Medium.



The grid is fairly obvious with the photo separating itself from the black and background, and the menu options across the top separating the page into columns with can sometimes be extended down through the photograph.


The negative space allows the user to focus on the two main features of the page – the ballerina and the Subscribe Today option.

ballerina subscribe