Printing Code

Printing Code


All designs were created using Rune.js and are all assignments for ITP’s Printing Code class. All the code for the following designs can be found here.


Ice Cream Cone

Week 1 – The Ice Cream Cone

For this assignment, we were limited to only black and white, and we could only use the ellipse(), rect(), and triangle() functions once. Using these constraints we were instructed to draw an ice cream cone.


The Martian

Week 2 – The Martian

This week we were to design a book cover for The Martian. Again, we were limited to basic shapes and black and white.


Sharp and Wet

Week 3 – Form

To explore form, we were assigned to create a design with two shapes. One shape was to represent ‘sharp’ and one shape was to represent ‘wet’. This was our final assignment that was required to be completed using only black and white.



Week 4 – Color

This design was based on the word ‘tense’. We were to come up with two color systems for the same design, one where we thought the color system worked well and one that didn’t.



Week 5 – Typography

The assignment was to design a typeface based on the meaning of the word.


Le Petit Prince

Week 6 – Grid Systems

After learning about how to use grid systems in design, we were instructed to design a book cover using a grid system. I picked one of my all time favorites, Le Petit Prince.


ITP Logo

Week 7 – Logo

For this assignment, I tried tackling the ITP logo. I wanted to create something that fit all the different interests of today’s ITP student.


Marius Watz Remake

Week 8/9 – Repetition

This was by far my favorite print. I recreated a Marius Watz print using Rune.js. Obviously, it is not an exact replica as I let his style inform my design system rather than the exact design. The code uses lots of randomization so that each rendering is different than the last.


ITP Logo ITP Logo

Final Project

For my final project, I wanted to revisit my midterm and try to improve my design for the ITP logo. First, I created a series of generative logos. They are loosely based on the floor plans of the floor and I wanted the outline to have a similar aesthetics to a printed circuit board. I then took these generative shapes to determine the shading of various icons that represented ITP to me, such as a LED, a foosball player, or a binary number.