Signs of NYC

Signs of NYC

This week I took to the streets of New York City to find some great – and not so great – signs. I understand in a city of 8 million people it can be challenging to find signs that speak to everyone, but I think I managed to find a couple that appear to speak martian. (OK, maybe not martian but they are terribly unclear!) I also picked this sign to modify. I personally believe in the KISS system and eliminated everything that didn’t concern me.


sign-two           sign-two-edited

I found this sign while descending a staircase in a building downtown. Without even thinking about this week’s assignment I found myself confused looking at this. The kind of ad hoc way of throwing up each sign rendered something less than user friendly. Is it an entrance? Is it an exit? I thought I was on the first floor, what’s floor L?



After I showed my new “super confusing sign” to some New Yorker friends, they informed me this was the norm. However, I’m going to challenge the norm and say that this is super confusing! Why combine littering and parking? From this sign it almost appears that littering is acceptable on any day other than Monday or Thursday. And if you can’t park between 8AM and 6PM everyday except Sunday, why have a separate sign saying you can’t park between 9AM and 10:30AM on Mondays and Thursdays?



I cannot take credit for finding this sign but it was just too funny to not include. This was taken at Good Guys on Second Ave, and it doesn’t exactly instill any cravings for a burger anytime soon. Spell check is great but this just proves that it can’t replace your brain!



Tavern on Jane is a restaurant in the West Village, and this is the cute little sign next to their door. I found it pleasing and simple while still plainly stating their business’ name. The color combination is subtle and matches the relaxed attitude of the bar, and the wood gives a simpler and homey feel and it often associated with small businesses in the village (or at least it use to).