Textulizing Tinder

Textulizing Tinder

Where Tinder....

Where Tinder….

Meets Poetry

Meets Poetry








I have long been fascinated by the Tinder culture and how the interface allows people to really say what’s on their mind to complete strangers (for better or worse) in the hopes of finding love or lust.  Whether we want to admit it or not this is part of our generation, and such a cultural significance can and should be reimagined and recreated.

I decided to grab some of my personal favorite responses from TinderLines and see what it could lead to.

I created this simple python script that goes through each line, takes every other word, and then alphabetizes the list of words.

Then just take your personal favorite tinder replies and add them to a text file and you can have your very own Tinder poetry!

Here’s the Terminal command:
cat your_text_file.txt | python tinder.py

And here’s my beautiful poem, enjoy!

1 a scale
centipede, how
I ass? to

50 a called shades
I of tho

number ur

I a head, of
I’m but it so
it worked

insert pickup
awkward response

on table your
high school

3 for of up
20 crying? minutes

Here some
can into you
a little plant
and springtime
everybody will
Except for
a frank neighbor
I dick hates
frank protect

I don’t scrubs,
a get is that
from me.
You know,
his on side
best ride, tryin
at me.

DTF? I’m ok your