Let's Make a Movie

Let’s Make a Movie

This week in Video and Sound we had to go out into the world and start shooting footage for our documentary. Unfortunately, we have yet to hear from someone at the Highline Foundation, but that would not stop us! We also found out at filming ‘with equipment’ on the Highline is prohibited but we decided to risk it. It was a gorgeous day and the Highline was packed with tourists. We got some wonderful shots of the the paths and views. We also got about a dozen short interviews with visitors about their thoughts on the park and public space. They had a variety of opinions and some were very funny so we’re happy with our footage regardless of whether we get a formal interview.

I still feel I have a lot to learn about the filming equipment available to us. We mostly relied on the auto features because I still don’t know how to set white balance or isos, hopefully I’ll figure that out soon. And here’s a quick clip of some of our footage: