Motion Capture


Liable to Change

"Liable to Change" Saturday February 23rd, 2pm from John Zullo on Vimeo.

Zullo/RawMovement "Liable to Change" on Vimeo.

A live dance performance from the Zullo Raw Movement Company.

For this project, I created the visuals which were projected on opposing sides on the gallery. I ran both visuals simultaneously using a TouchOSC app controller.

I filmed the dancers as well as the set pieces and created visuals based on John Zullo's these of simplicity and chaos coexisting.


Movement, Concept, Direction: John J Zullo
Company: Zullo/RAW Movement
Interactive Media Artist: Kat Sullivan
Lighting Design: Kryssy Wright
Architect: Megan Marvin
Composer, Sound Design & Performance: Darren Solomon
Visual Artist: Terry Finch
Performers: Zachary Denison, Bong Dizon, Hana Goldstone, Katya Lazor & Rachael Oczkus.
This work was made, in part, with the generous support of City College Center for the Arts and the CUNY Dance Initiative.

Tools used

QLab, C++/Cinder, Motion Capture, Unreal, and Syphon


Friday, February 22, 2019 and Saturday, February 23, 2019
City College Center for the Arts, Aaron Davis Hall, 115 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10027
April 27
City College Center for the Arts

Selected Press

2017 – "Liable to Change" by Zullo/RAW Movement, The Dance Enthusiast